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​Since 1972

Gaines DuVall Sports Portraits has preserved all negatives/digital images taken from 1972 to current. If we photographed your High School, College or Professional team, we still have your negatives/digital images on file. In the future we will expand our web site to include a list of all teams that we have taken by team name, sport, and year. In the mean time, if you know that we took your portrait, you can be assured we have your negative/digital image on file.

Thought you had eternally lost your opportunity to order? Were your photos lost or damaged along the way? We’re very proud of our archives and are happy to make them available to you. You can reflect back on your goals and achievements of your youth. A great touch in your home or office!

Didn’t order when we came to your school or team? We still have your team photo on file and in many cases we have your individual negative/digital image -even if you didn’t order at the time.  Contact Us for more information.

Reunion coming up? Coaches, you can purchase team photos as favors! We can add special headings on them, such as “1986 University of Oklahoma Baseball Team 20 year Reunion”.  Contact Us and we’ll be glad to help.